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"What did I do to deserve a partner like you? ...and how do I repent?"

Who's this asshole?

Roe is a 44-year old half elf with a terrible losing streak, though he's convinced his luck is just about due to change.

He may have a bit of a gambling problem, but he can't help it. He's hopelessly addicted to the rush of adrenaline that comes with any high-stakes situation. Despite his desire for a peaceful life, Roe always finds himself gravitating towards dangerous situations. Because of this, he's wracked up quite a bit of debt.

Yeah, and?

Roe has a few things going for him. While he may not be the best at throwing dice and placing bets, Roe is a resourceful and clever man. While he decidely prefers not to get into fights in the first place, he's surprisingly good at finishing them. Roe is a problem solver and a team player, it's unfortunate that his desire to trust others often gets him into worse situations than he had to begin with.

Partners in Crime

One of the most important and horrible people in Roe's life is his on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend, Blackjack. Roe is desperate to move on from their relationship; it's unfortunate that Jack works for the very man who holds most of Roe' debt, making it doubly hard to put any space between them.

Blackjack has a bad habit of starting fights and expecting Roe to finish them for him.