Added some pixels, two base sets, and a new link!


Happy Spring Equinox! I added a couple base on my bases page. It's getting kinda cluttered, so I will likely separate and organize that page soon.


I finally added a Link page. It's bare bones and I need to clean it up a bit later. Added a toybox, but it's not got much in it at the moment...


Uploaded a little Frieren doll, I'm going to try to do fanart more often of stuff I'm actively watching. I also finally got around to making a couple website buttons. I'm not crazy about them, but it's better than nothing for now. I hope to make a proper link page soon so I can showcase other doller's websites. I also want to make an adopt page where I can post dolls I've collected from others as well.


Got the dolls posted on their own sub pages! Still pretty bare bones, but I'm working on it. Uploaded quite a few dolls as well. I've been watching Kaiji recently, so I used the Pixel Lounge's March Challenge as an excuse to pixel him! I also did a few chibi pixels of Kaiji and Endou I really like:

Also, I'm going to start showcasing some of the things I upload here in the changelog/front page.


Separated Bases from the pixel art into their own pages. I'll be separating dolls from regular pixel art soon as well, and hopefully get a link page set up soon. I've also decided to separate updates into their own container. Eventually I'll have a few more pages as well, I'd like a toybox/adopted pages, about me, etc....slow goings.

Added a few new bases and some dolls of one of my OCs. I hope to sit down and have these organized into their own pages soonish, just haven't had the energy just yet.

Uploaded the bases for the core races of my homebrew world.

Uploaded dolls, bases, minis, and other pixels to the pixel page. Eventually I'll organize these into their own sub pages, but for now everything is getting dumped into the same spot.