Here is a collection of my pixel art. All of these are up for adoption unless otherwise specified. Please be kind and link back to my homepage if you decide to showcase any of them on your profile or website! Please do not edit/modify my work.


Peren Palesong, my first 5E character (elven sea sorcerer). Bellamy, the Tiefling Warlord. Gandryl, my husband's gnome artificer. Human Wizard for a yet-to-start casual campaign with my husband and close friend. Ceph, the magical mascot of this website. Mew Mew Ichigo, METAMORPHOSIS! Big boobie lady jumping rope, animation practice. Dancing lady, more animation practice. Lil Bearsona
One of my D&D parties


A little pig. Character from a text based village building game with my husband. Random little NPC Design The Webmaster themself Little Red Witch
Sir Sildar HallwinterSister GaraleQueline My human Warlock
Lumi, my elven Sorcerer + Wizard

A bright bluish mushroom. Wonder what that tastes like... A little purple book. A glass pipe.
A pink bong! A orange bong! A green bong! A blue bong! A purple bong!

Please do not adopt any pixels from this category.

Earlier design for Ceph
Character from an RPG Maker 2k3 game I'm working on on and off. My tiefling warlord OC, Bellamy. My Red Dead Online Character, Colt.